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Think positive thought – Speak high-energy words

(DAY 17/35) for those of you on the journey.

The purpose of your mind is to do whatever you tell it to do!  Every time you think negative thoughts you are sending a message to your brain that will adversely affect your business, family life, etc. When you are faced with a challenge, such as this 35 day journey, you must look at each day and each assignment with the anticipation that by taking action, you will be closer to your desired goal.Be careful that you don’t tell your mind things that you don’t want to do. Positive thoughts will help your subconscious mind find the needed answers that will result in overcoming challenges.

When speaking to others, family, friends, clients, staff, always use high energy words. We can define “high energy words” as those that don’t have a negative connotation. As an example, don’t complain about “the bad economy” perhaps saying “current economy presents new challenges and opportunities” will make your own mind work better on your behalf and also uplifts the person you are speaking to.

Like anything else, persistence is the key to change. For the next 30 days don’t say anything negative. Think before speaking and if a negative thought comes up, change it and then speak. When you are alone and a negative thought creeps into your mind, take that bad thought and toss it against the nearest wall and replace it with a positive one. I toss a lot of things against a wall, my anger, my negative thoughts, my frustrations…. In my mind I pick them up and toss them against the wall as a symbol of my getting rid of them. I them focus on a positive to replace the one I just threw away.

( for those of you on the journey, continue working on your new image as well as incorporating this article into your life)


Positive thinking gets positive results that pay positively.

Mark Victor Hansen

Have a great day!

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