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Not overwhelmed, but perhaps unorganized


To much, to soon; no time; can’t think that fast….  no one said going back to school to learn new techniques would be easy. We are over the half way mark and it’s time for a brief review of what you should be doing:

  1. read each daily lesson plan (blog) print it and put it in a notebook
  2. list the why, what and who of your business
  3. complete a family budget
  4. complete a business budget
  5. create a list of 30 people that you will visit and tell your story during this 35 day journey
  6. compile an e-mail list
  7. create an e-mail newsletter and send it out
  8. set 5 goals for the next 12 months
  9. buy and start reading 4 books (evening work, half hour to an hour)
  10. start a business support group
  11. work on your company image and branding

Have you wasted any time since you started your journey? Most of these assignments are lifelong assignments. This class builds a foundation for both you and your business. It helps establish discipline which is required for success.

Don’t get discouraged, yesterday we spoke about positive thoughts. If you have followed this journey you will start seeing some great results in the near future. Persistence is the key! Each of you is capable of doing all these things and much more. Put a smile on your face and go back to work.

Challenge yourself to set a new time schedule for yourself and incorporate all that you need to do.


Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures.

Gene Brown

Have a great day!

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