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Don’t live in the past…. avoid the what if’s…


The real estate market has touched most everyone and unfortunately, it is human nature to look back at what might have been had you sold your home at the top of the market.

Time to face facts; the value of your real estate holding is the current market value. Start living your life today; each minute, each day is precious and to put your life on hold in hopes that your home value will double and you will be able to invest in your business, have more money for retirement, or ?????? is a waste of time.

Face reality and set your current home value as the benchmark for your net worth. A home should be purchased because it fits the lifestyle of your family; It’s in a good neighborhood, close to good schools, it’s safe and has easy access to all your family needs, work and play.

Living in the “home value” past may prevent you from going forward in other areas of your life. Unless you lost our job and can’t afford the payments, or are upside down ( owe a lot more than current value) , enjoy the home if it still fits your lifestyle, if not, sell it at current market value and go on  with your life.

Yes people make dumb mistakes, some people bought a home that they could not afford in anticipation of appreciation and a quick sale. This becomes a life lesson; if sounds to good to be true, it’s not. Unfortunately, many people will have to give their homes back to the bank, but learn from your mistakes. This experience will help you learn what is truly important in life and perhaps that “big home” was not it.

As a Certified Financial Planner and Real Estate Broker ( one of the few that combine these two disciplines) I council my clients to look at the purpose of the home from a personal not investment point of view. Yes, I do sell investment property, but that based on “number crunching” not emotion.


The value of life does not depend upon the place we occupy. It depends upon the way we occupy that place.

Saint  Theresa of Lisieux

Have a great day!

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