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Business to Business

(DAY 20/35)

Getting clients, one at a time, is a good way to build a business, however, there may come a time when it becomes necessary to speed up the process.

Your assignment for day 20 is to list 5 different types of businesses  whose clients can benefit from your services. Some possibilities may include: attorneys, financial planners, Realtors, insurance agents, dentist, ……  My favorite way to do this exercise is to take the yellow pages and look at each classification of businesses and ask yourself, ” can we mutually benefit from each others contacts?”

Once you have identified 5 different classifications, your next step if to prioritize them with number one, being, what you believe, is the category that can best benefit from knowing about your business.

Now comes the work. Take you number one category and write a mini-business plan as to how you can help them grow their business.
Include in you plan a section as to why a mutual agreement can benefit both your clients as well as your individual businesses.

Cold calls are driven by GUTS ( God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret). Select one business, call, make an appointment and visit with the owner. Ask them, first, to tell you about their  business; then share your story  (lesson 2) and then present your mini business plan. Not everyone you call will want to see you and not everyone you visit will be excited about your proposal. That should tell you that they have a closed mind and probably would not have made a good place for you to refer your own clients.

Persistence and repetition are necessary to deliver  your presentation with confidence and belief. When you leave a presentation, always leave your brochure (story) and business card. As soon as you get back to the office, write a thank you note, whether you were successful or not. Always ask everyone if they would like to receive your e-mail newsletter.

You are in the people business. When you are not busy making money you should be implementing one or more of the marketing techniques you learned about on this journey.


I will study and get ready and the opportunity will come.

Abraham Lincoln

Have a great day!

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