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 Has anyone every asked your for help? How did you feel? When someone ask for help, even for something small, they do so because they like and trust you. Last week I was asked for a ride to the airport; this person could have asked any one of “hundreds” of people, yet he chose me. I felt good and was proud to help. If someone you know (friend, relative, etc) needed help and came to you, chances are you would do most anything in your power to accommodate that person.

Now let’s talk business. While not everyone you know is in a position to become a client or to purchase something from you, almost everyone knows someone that can become a client. If you feel good when someone asks you for help, then why not help other people feel good by asking them to help you. Yes, I know that most of your friends and relatives know what you do and perhaps you feel that if they wanted to help they would send you business.Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. People have to be asked and then taught how to help you grow your business and then reminded that you still need their help.

This is a simple system which you should master and use it on everyone.

  • Always start a conversation by asking how they are and if there is anything you could do to for them.
  • Prior to implementing this process, write a few sentences about your business and how they can help you grow.
  • Tell them that you are on a  quest to increase your business by a certain percentage or by adding a certain number of new clients. Stress the importance of your relationship and your need for their support.
  • Give them a brochure specific to this “help request”. People will help other people before they ask for help themselves. In essence you are teaching them how to market you. Give them a few of your brochures and a few business cards.
  • Send a thank you note the day after you met with them and thank them for your support and once again offer your services if they need your help.
  • You may  find it helpful to tell them your goal ( number of new clients your wish to get, etc) and then keep them informed  as to your progress. Consider setting a date by which you want to accomplish this goal and then and then celebrate with a back yard barbecue, or ????? Of course, tell them that they will be invited. (There may be a need to have several affairs to thank your participants.
  • No, not everyone will drop everything and start looking for new business for you, but some will and others may at a future date.

The important thing to remember is that you always have to ask for help to grow your business.


People more frequently require to be reminded than informed.

Samuel Johnson

Have a great day!

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