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Reward Yourself


Rewards are very important as is evident by the many businesses that offer a rewards program. Credit cards, airlines, restaurants, just to mention a few.Each of them is there to entice you to spend more money and go back to their store or use their service. Giving rewards has proven itself as a good motivational factor.

On our journey we have set many goals; some small and some larger.The big goal is to increase the bottom line by 30% or more by the end of this journey.

Your challenge today is to come up with a reward for yourself when your reach your goal. Rewarding yourself as you reach goals should be part of your overall business plan. In this case you will only identify one reward, but in the future, follow these steps for each goal you set.

  • Identify the reward ( travel, a new cell phone. something for your hobby, etc)
  • Find a picture of your reward, cut it out and place it on your bathroom mirror. In this way, you will see it first thing every morning and last thing before you go to bed.
  • Research the cost and the time that you will acquire this reward.
  • If you believe in yourself and have the GUTS (God’s Undeniable Terrific Secret) make a deposit on your reward and a time certain as to when you will claim it. Failure is not an option in your pursuit of success.

Having faith in yourself is part of the foundation necessary to build your business.


In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

John Bunyan

Have a great day!

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