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Giving Back

( 28/35)

Over 5 weeks of work, learning and doing; marketing was the main effort, after we built a solid foundation. In almost every assignment the goal was to learn how to obtain new business from everyone you knew or met. We discussed that by giving to other business owners, they will give back to you. In other words, help others and chances are good they will help you.

The new  challenge for this lesson is to help others without any expectation of receiving anything in return except the satisfaction that comes from unconditional giving. Like the rest of of journey to date, this is also a very important learning  experience and is a must part of your future business success. Consider one of the following areas and get involved. This does not have to be an individual effort, invite your family to join you.

  • In your place of worship ask which areas are in most need and volunteer.
  • Volunteer at a dining room that feeds homeless people, for example, the St Vincent De Paul Society. ( there are many others)
  • Call on a home for the elderly; many people are put into a rest home by a family and quickly forgotten.
  • Volunteer at a hospital as a greeter or whatever else they have need of
  • Volunteer at a boys and girls club
  • Join the Big Brother of Big Sister organization and help a young person

I think you get the message. No cards are handed out, no business is solicited; this is you giving back to your community. Make this a part of your business schedule for the rest of your business life. Find a place to fit this in your weekly or monthly do do list.


O God, help us to be masters of ourselves that we may be servants to others.

Sir Alec Paterson

Have a great day!

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