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Small Business Owner – critical record keeping system -avoid possible future conflicts.

As  a small business owner, your main emphasis is growing your business. Out of necessity marketing is the number one issue that takes most of an entrepreneurs time. Taking the order and delivering the service is what generates the income necessary for survival and growth. Unfortunately, in the life of every business, there arises a communication problem between a client and the owner as well as the owner and an employee. It becomes a “who said what” issue and even a small misunderstanding can create havoc with the focus necessary to maintain the business. I am not an attorney , but I think the following system may get approval from your attorney ( please call your attorney and ask the value of this process)

Like  any other worthwhile “new endeavor” it takes time and discipline before it can grow into an automatic part of your business life. As much as automation and technology is necessary to maintain and grow  a business, this system relies on a notebook and pen.

The process is simple:

  • Buy two spiral notebooks. The size should be approx 5″ x 8″.
  • Take one and on the first sheet put today’s date
  • Make a notation of every order you give to your staff ( note the date and time)
  • Jot down all important telephone conversations ( subject, action taken or recommended  and always include the time and date.)  Always include the name and number of the person you are talking to.
  • When meeting with clients, as soon as the meeting is over, stop and write down the important aspects of the conversation.
  • Write down ideas and any other thing that you feel is important.

As time goes on, these notes will help you understand your business. It helps with time management and provides you a list of past clients. If you are consistent with this method, it will have some value when conflicts arise.

If you can adopt this system it will be part of your foundation for future growth. Nothing worthwhile is easy and yes it takes a few extra minutes but the rewards are priceless.


Wisdom if knowing what to do….., Skill is knowing how to do it…. Virtue is doing it.

Thomas Jefferson

Have a great day!

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