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Getting Seen – Marketing our Web Site


Yesterday we talked about your company web site; even though you are in the process of building a new one or re-doing your existing one, it’s time to talk about marketing your site. In your journal, start a page entitled web site marketing. This is going to be an ongoing project; marketing, even on the internet, is something that requires work, study and experimentation.

  • every piece of material that leaves your office should have your web page address on it. Don’t bury it on the bottom of your brochure, card or stationary; it should stand out and be inviting.
  • Ask everyone your meet this questions: what is the best way to market a web site? Write the answers in your journal and soon some of the suggestions will make sense to you.
  • Write and article each month in your news letter about your home page.
  • Call your contacts and ask them to look at your home page and to comment on it.
  • Offer a “free” something to those that visit your page. ( they can  download an article) they can enter a contest with the winner getting a silver eagle or???
  • Make sure that your web address is included on all your twitter, facebook and linked in  comments.
  • Consider adding a video to your web site. a flip camera is inexpensive and easy to use
  • Change the content of your web page; give people  a reason to return and to tell others about your site.
  • Testimonials from current clients is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Ask your clients if you can put a video of them talking about your services.
  • Buy and dread books on how to market your site

Always test the effectiveness of your site. Ask as many clients as possible how they found you and if they have seen your home page.


The best way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas

Linus Pauling

Have a great day!

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