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Time to re-focus


It’s been a very busy six weeks. A lot was asked of you; the pot was stirred. I’m sure that at times you met yourself coming and going. Our purpose was to get you to look at your business, both internally and externally. If you did your homework,  you should have a better understanding of the inner working of your company, as well as a new appreciation for the many marketing options that you have.

This last week is going to help you focus on the important things that you learned and how to best use the results of your internal and external discoveries.

Let’s take a look at the results of our marketing efforts. Hopefully you have met a lot of people and have increased your contact list many fold. Your challenge today is to separate the good contacts from the not so good.  Read the following points and follow instructions.

  • Write a description of who would make a good client for your business. ( remember, you can’t be everything to everyone)
  • Write a description of who would make a good referral for your business. (for example,  people that have contacts with those  you identified as good clients.) These people may not become clients but are in a position to send you business.
  • Take your entire contact list ; and after each,  name place a number per the following:
  1. Put a number one (1) by each name that meets your criteria as your target client market.
  2. Put a number two (2) by each name that you feel can refer clients to you ( those that fit your target market)
  3. Put a number three (3) by those names that you think that perhaps in the future,  can become clients
  4. The rest become number four’s (4)

Your list, by this time should contain at least several hundred or more names with addresses, phone  numbers, e-mails, etc.

Finish this exercise today. Tomorrow we will develop a targeted marketing plan for groups one and two.


“We must not sit down and wait for miracles. Up, and be going”

John Eliot, seventeenth-century missionary

Have a great day!

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