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Closing the Loop


Yesterday we focused on selecting our best potential clients from all our contacts as well  as those that are in the best position to refer new clients to us. These are the two groups we will be working with today.

First, to re-enforce, in your own mind, what you do and the benefits of your work for your clients, write a short paragraph in the first person, describing exactly what you do and the benefits derived by those who use your service. You are writing this specifically for your number one list.

This is your assignment. In an earlier session I stressed the importance of  delegating.   Some of this work should be given to others to complete. Some of this is going to require some “innovative” digging, but persistence will pay off.

  • For all those you designated a number one, gather the following  information: birthdays of the entire family, anniversary date, home and business phone numbers, addresses, e-mail; hobbies, type of work they perform, company name, position in the company, services or products that they offer. Gather any additional information that you think is pertinent.
  • Insert this information in a tracking system, remember to delegate. ( there are many software options that can accommodate this type of tracking.
  • Send a card (signed by you) for each special occasion. E-cards are quicker, snail mail cards may make more of an impact.
  • Follow up on the special day with  some type of personal contact. ( phone call, visit, etc)
  • Design and send a monthly newsletter pertaining specifically to your target market .  The short paragraph you  wrote should be part of your newsletter every time you send it out.
  • Make sure that you have a personal contact with each of these people at least once a month.
  • Look for social opportunities to meet with these people,  consider creating  the opportunity, i.e. special occasion party,  such as 4th of July, etc.

Now do the same for your number two list.

There is a lot of work involved to establish the system once it is in place, the work is minimal. All you have to do is to add names to both lists as you meet them.

Tomorrow, we will look at the rest of the people you have met.


Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures.

Gene Brown

Have a great day!


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