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Marketing Methods – time to make a decision

( 33/35)

From yesterday, what do you do with the people that are not in your number one of number two list? They stay on your monthly e-mail newsletter list. At least once a year send a (snail mail card) with your signature. If they move up the ladder, and become a number one or two, then they get the full treatment as we described in our last session.

You challenge for today is to go back and read all the previous lessons ( all 32 of them). With your notebook at hand, write down each marketing idea that you encountered.

Your next step is to prioritize them based on the new business  that they generated up to this point. Hopefully you have worked on all the suggestions and have documented proof as to which performed the best.

As your business grows, time becomes more scarce but marketing must always be part of your daily activities. This  exercise will help you focus your time on the marketing methods that provided the best results for your business.

Once the selection process is completed, insert the top marketing method in your daily schedule.  If you have time, I recommend that at least your top three become part of your regular routine.

Short lesson plan for today, but a very critical one.


The jungle is dark but full of diamonds.

Arthur Miller

Have a great day!

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