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You don’t know all the answers….

We are like trees, if we don’t get the right nutrient and water, we stop growing, and eventually the enterprise fails. Many small business people think that trial and error is the best way to learn about growing a business. While new technologies allow us to run our business in more efficient ways and provide marketing help, the foundation for  building a business has not really changed. Hundreds of successful business owners share their stories in books. There are many awesome business consultants that also share knowledge in their books.

Yes, as a small business owner, your education must never stop; there are seminars, webinars, and a host of other educational opportunities and I believe in most of them. You should take advantages of all these different forms of education.

My focus today is on books. I find that there are many times during the day when I have extra minutes, perhaps waiting in someone’s office or riding in a car. These spare moments are an excellent time to read a book. In the past, I didn’t always have a book in my possession and felt that I wasted an educational opportunity. Usually I carry a book, that I am currently reading,  in my briefcase, but it may not be the book that I need to reference.

My wife and technology came to the rescue. She bought me a “NOOK”, an e-reader from Barns and Noble which is smaller than a pocket book and can handle up to 1500 titles. The concept is great and at the rate I buy books it will more than pay for itself in three or four months. E-books are less expensive than regular print books and the ability to carry many titles with me will greatly benefit my consulting and coaching business.

There are many different e-readers on the market I suggest that you look them over and purchase one as your educational tool; ( you certainly can use it for recreation also).


The great aim of education is not knowledge but action!

Herbert Spencer

Have a great day!

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