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Do more than required

Job’s are hard to find and many businesses are still struggling; one would think that clients/customers would be very important.  This past few days I have had experiences to the contrary; there is a lesson to be learned and an opportunity to be take advantage of. The following are a few stories that I learned about this week:

  • A contractor bid a job claiming that the job would take “x” of hours and some material would be needed. In real life, the job only took 25% of the hours stated and no extra material was used. When confronted with the facts his statement was ” if it would have taken me twice as long to complete and if I had to use a lot of material, you would have held me to my bid” and closed by saying,”I’m holding you to your contract”. Derogatory comments by a customer is a sure way to lose future business. This customer is not telling everyone about his encounter.  The lesson, listen to your customers and clients and if you can save them money and still provide good service, pass on the savings.
  • Another story this week had to do with a service provider. He started working with a client and said that the time frame for completion would be about 30 days. The client, based upon the completion date, arranged his business and personal life around that date ( there was no written time frame with regards to the service being completed). A few days prior to the anticipated completion date, the service provider called and said that he was not aware of new rules pertaining to the transaction and that the completion date was to be moved to sometime in the future with no date certain. The client had been in communications with the service provider at least twice a week and was always assured that the completion would be as planned. This is a classic example of a service provider not “dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s” The lesson, check all details required for you to deliver a service. Meet with your prospect, then check the details, and then make your commitment. Don’t overlook a small detail because you are in a hurry to make the sale. It will come back to haunt you.
  • My last story is about is about being sensitive to others. A job opportunity was advertised and a resume was sent in. The company called the person who sent in the resume and asked her to come to their office next week. This was a management position and the applicant asked the caller how many applications had they received. The answer was ” we are still accepting applications and we are inviting everyone to a group meeting; from this meeting we will determine those that merit a private interview”. The lesson, when looking to add to your staff, review all applications and personally call those that don’t meet your requirements. The balance, give them the courtesy of a private interview. Many people are humiliated because they lost their job and don’t need to be herded like cattle.


If you hate it when you get lousy service, why do you (your company) give  lousy service to others?


Have a great day!

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