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Dream start you business with little or no money

Over the years I have stressed the importance of having a budget for your business. The majority of my clients contact me after they have already started a business. A new start up, depending upon the business, can start for under $200, according to a Wall Street article this morning. The paper cited three businesses that started for less then $200 each. All three started in the home with an idea and a dedication to “making it happen”.

I want to endorse the possibility of starting a new venture with little or no working capital. The following are points that must occur in order to be successful.

  • First and foremost, you have to embrace the business concept with your whole mind and heart. It has to become part of you.
  • You exchange the start up funds needed for hours of hard work. You must be willing to sacrifice a lot of your time and dedicate it to the new business.
  • You must have an income source to sustain you while you are building your business.
  • Your must have patience. Stating a new business does not result in instant gratification.
  • You must create a business plan and follow it.
  • Education in marketing and an awareness of how your product or service benefits the end users is essential.
  • Learn  about direct as well as on line marketing and take advantage of the “social media” marketing opportunities.
  • Last but perhaps most important is to have support for the undertaking, from your family, friends and if possible a mentor.

As you grow your business, all the suggestions ( see previous blogs )that cover customer retention, getting new clients, etc should be incorporated into your business plan.

Am always available to talk about a new business start up and to listen to your ideas.


The great thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Have a great day!

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