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Community Involvement, it pays Both Ways

Volunteering in your community serves a two fold purpose; first, the community benefits from your expertise and volunteer time and second, you will gain recognition as someone who cares. Marketing is being seen and heard and service to your community allows you to benefit others as well as yourself.

  • volunteering gives you another topic to share with a potential client. Many times there is an opportunity to find common ground.
  • your contact list will expand as many community volunteers are also leaders in their business
  • your communications skills will become better as you talk to others about something other than your business
  • being seen as a caring person who help others creates a positive impression in the eyes of potential clients
  • when volunteering, concentrate of the job at hand,  don’t hand out business cards, that is not your purpose in being there.
  • learn from your volunteer activities; listen to others, share you knowledge and be open for new ideas that may apply to your business life.

One should never be to busy to volunteer. I don’t buy the “I don’t have time” excuse. It could be included as part of your overall marketing time; remember, marketing is a daily, ongoing activity, and when you don’t know what else to do to increase your business, volunteer.


Don’t play for safety ——  it’s the most dangerous thing in the world.

Hugh Walpole

Have a great day!

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