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Opportunties Abound….

Attended a meeting this morning.  The basic concept is very powerful and I want to share it because it can apply to a wide variety of small businesses that want to grow. I have changed some of the identifying factors to afford privacy to the developer of the idea. Also, I am presenting this in the form of a very short story.

A very successful business wanted to start a major expansion program. The analysis showed that the most expensive part of the expansion was not the lease, or furniture, but the payroll.

Let me  go back a few steps and talk about the cost of starting a business. It involves, money for a lease (usually with a personal guarantee to the landlord); the purchase of furniture, office equipment, stationary, marketing material, phones, etc. Additional expenses in maintaining financial records,  taking care of taxes, office insurance, etc, not only cost a lot of money but take the so much time that the business owner really does not have time to work on the most important part of the job, marketing his service/product.

Since the company owner already had a structure in place to handle the important, but time consuming paperwork associated with a business, he felt that he could offer a great opportunity for hard working people to basically start a business with no overhead and a lot of support. By hiring and training sales managers to run the office he figured out that they cold have a percentage of the gross income starting with the first dollar.

The structure is very creative as all the staff, from management to associates  would be independent contractors and given an opportunity to grow a business together. Each associate would be paid a percentage of their sales and the office “manager” would get a very favorable override.

Couple this with a strong management training program and you have a tremendous opportunity for someone to basically start their own business with no overhead, great support and no risk.

Nothing in life is ever totally free. You have to trade your dedicated hard work for the chance to run this business, but anyone in their right mind should jump at the chance.

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Learn to recognize opportunities, the good ones come by only several times in your lifetime.

Nick Petra

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