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Managing yourself

All the basic principles of management that apply to a small business must first be embodied in the self management of the owner.
A wrong assumption by many small  business owners is that they are “exempt” from being managed. True, there is no outside person to manage you, but as owner, you have to be the toughest manager possible on yourself. What do you have to manage in others? Let’s examine a few management responsibilities:

  • Job responsibility: When hiring a new employee s you lay out exactly what is expected of that person; how to best perform their duty and what responsibilities they have toward the  company and any other staff members. Usually, a written job description is recommended. Have you completed this management phase on yourself?
  • An employee review should be scheduled at least every three months. This review looks at the original expectations set in the job description and how they are being carried out. How often are you being reviewed? Who holds you accountable?
  • A good manager is aware of how  employees use their time. Are they working in the most effective way possible? Do they understand the principle of time management? Are you using your time in the most effective way possible?When is the last time you did a self time analysis?
  • There are a lot of little things that add up to making a good employee; as a manager, you look at all of them. These include, getting to work on time, not leaving early, having a positive and polite manner when  talking with clients/customers either on the phone or in person; going out of the way to provide extra attention to the needs of your clients. How do you rate yourself in these areas?
  • Other areas include: how a person dresses, not taking office items for personal use (even paperclips, etc), not using the telephone or computer for personal use ( unless absolutely necessary).As owner, you set the standard; is it a high  enough standard?

Many small businesses fail and the reason is not always a lack of capital or lack of knowledge; often those failures are caused by a lack of self management of the business owner.


The final test of character is seen in the amount of power and gratitude we have.

Milton Gates

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