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Technology, both a blessing and a curse

Technology, from marketing in the Social Media to buying and using the latest “gadgets” is all the latest rage. Many small business owners are looking to “technology” as their key to growing their business. There are many good uses of technology for growing your business, but the most important thing to remember is that “technology is a tool to be used alongside human interaction – never in place of it“.

Yes, e-mail is a powerful tool and so is your business website; twitter, face book, etc are good places to have a presence; a daily or weekly blog and an e-newsletter is also useful. The chances for success, in a non human interaction marketing effort, is slim to none.Yes there are articles written about very successful businesses that credit their on-line work, but what you don’t hear about, is how many small businesses failed trying to avoid the human interaction part of marketing.

It’s easy to get caught up in the technology frenzy that is engulfing us; what that means is that these there is a very effective marketing program selling us on the idea of buying new computers, designing new web sites, using i-pads and everything else that will make us successful.

The reality is that human interaction is still the most powerful marketing tool available to us. The following is a true experience I shared within the last week. At a human interaction marketing presentation the leader asked how many in the room had insurance from a certain insurance company. ( that company is now  among the largest advertiser on TV in the US). From about 100 people present there were two that raised their hand. The next question was ” how many of you have eaten a girl scout cookie?”, every hand in the room was raised. That made a powerful impression on all of us and showed us the power of one on one marketing.

If you have been following my daily blog or have participated in a Mentoring process with me, you will notice that I always stress the importance of human interaction.


Success is a Choice!

Have a great day!

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