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I received a catalog.  It represents a giant step forward for a new start up business that has been in the planning stages for over two years. The business plan was to introduce a new line of clothing, starting with Tee shirts and then expanding into other clothes for both men and women. The building process was long; selecting a  company name, the designs for the tee shirts, the selection of material and then the selection of the printer. Eventually all these things were accomplished but still the business had  nothing to show ( in the way of marketing) for the dollars spent.

The final piece of the puzzle was put in place when I received a printed catalog, to be distributed to outlets (stores) that hopefully will carry their goods. Even with your finished product in hand, unless there exists a tool to market those goods, the hardest part in launching a successful business is still to be developed.  Within the next few weeks, their site will be ready; it will include not only a consumer side, but also a wholesale side, to be accessed only with a code given to retailers carrying their products. The final touch will be the “human contact” as the founders of the business will call on stores, and participate  “store buyer” shows.

Having something tangible in  hand will raise spirits of the owners and give them new momentum to continue their endeavor. The lesson learned here is to not only have marketing material ready, but to actually deliver it to potential clients. This applies to all services and manufacturers,  the human contact is the foundation.


Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures.

Gene Brown

Have a great day!

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