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Change requires education

“Change is the only constant if our lives!” This phrase has been used and somewhat abused because it does not tell the whole story. As a small business owner you are constantly confronted with new and better technologies, new marketing systems, including social media, new accounting procedures and so forth. You may be so busy fighting to grow your business that when something new comes along, you want instant results.

In this rapidly changing business environment, you expect instant gratification, but, if you are like most small business owners, you are the only one that is available to adopt the new procedure or new on line marketing techniques.

The best investment, for yourself and your firm, is to take the time to learn about your new “item”; how it works and what to expect from the change. While I advocate spending a lot of time marketing your business, it is just as important that you learn to use the new “tools”, not by trial and error, but by getting the proper education.

Don’t short change your business; for example, a new software program may give you better inventory control, but unless you know how to implement the program, you are actually loosing precious time.

Take the time to learn about the support available to you to implement new systems and tools for your business. The dollars and time spent will come back to you additional profits and saved time.


Full and accurate knowledge of your subject will overcome fear to reach a decision.

Have a great day!

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