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Have a Grand vision

If you own a small business or are planning to open a small business and your goal is to make enough money to pay your bills and feed your family, act now and close your business or never open. A business that has a final goal with a fixed income goal is doomed to fail.  I won’t work with business owners that start the conversation by telling me that their goal is to feed their family and stay at the level forever. My recommendation, is to go to work for someone else; it  is less expensive and less stressful and it accomplishes the same goal.

A business is a like a tree, if it doesn’t grow it dies. In doing a business plan we set reasonable, achievable goals to be accomplished in a certain time frame. Then  the plan is updated and new goals are set. In today’s economic climate I find that many new businesses are established to replace a lost wage. By putting limitations on a business the creative potential that an owner has is stifled and new ideas cease to come forth.

I really believe that you can achieve whatever the mind can imagine. Don’t ever put  limitations on yourself; the steps to establishing a mega business will not always be easy, but unless that is where you plan to arrive, you will never get there.

Being pushed, a little, by a coach is what he is there to do. Accept the challenge!


You cannot just go on being a good egg. You must either hatch or go bad.

C.S. Lewis

Have a great day!

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