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Much time is usually spent on marketing geared to bringing in new clients. Books, seminars, webinars, etc are readily available, all telling you how to become a “rainmaker”. While new clients are essential to business growth, we often forget current and past clients.

These two group represent one of the biggest, mostly  untapped, resources that are available to any business. Communications with past clients  should be more than a business meeting with current clients or a newsletter to past  (former) clients.

Let me share an example;  my insurance agent worked for a large national firm. Several years ago he wanted to open his own agency and I moved my business to his new company. We met several times during the start up phase and then I stopped hearing from him, other than to receive a form letter when it was time to renew. This year on my birthday, I received a call from a high school student working part time in his office. The message was short and simple ” Today is your birthday and the ______ agency wishes you a happy birthday”. There was no call to see if my situation changed in the past year and my “birthday call” last week, will result in my looking for a new agent and insurance company. I hear this type of story time and time again.

Existing clients should have personal contact at least twice a year, preferable every quarter. Personal means a phone call, a face to face meeting, or as one of my clients does, he makes sure that  his clients computer have a build in camera, if not he gives them one and then sets up SKYPE as his personal contact method.

Past clients which you have not had contact with for over a year, need an “apology” letter and then a personal call. Your best source of new business are your existing and past clients. Challenge yourself to set up a marketing system for both of these groups.


Vision without work is a dream; work without vision is drudgery; Vision with work is a dawn – new hope and a new day.

Have a great day!

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