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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

E-mail, blogging, twitter, etc all claim to be the ultimate marketing solution for a small business. While all these methods can produce results, many small businesses have not taken the next step and that is to include a video on all their internet marketing. A video included in your marketing can make a lasting impression, especially if the video is changed frequently and conveys important information.

A good place to start your video marketing is on your web page. The first step is to buy a camera that is easily uploaded to the internet. There are many brands available that are “point and shoot” and provide a quality picture. Make sure that it has a tripod mount.
Let’s look at a few things that you could include, via video, on your home page:

  • You telling the story of your firm
  • You offering additional information on your product or service
  • You offering a special price for the day
  • A short clip of several testimonial from your clients
  • An explanation of a certain aspect of your service offering
  • You teaching a class ( invite clients, friends, etc, and film a 3 to 5 minute segment)
  • a tour of your office, conference room, etc, if applicable.

Practice makes perfect, your way of speaking must be clear and easily understood. The lighting and background for your filming location should be well planned. Write out what you are ghoing to say and then practice it until you feel comfortable with the final product.

I recommend that you have a separate video of your clients testimonials that is permanently on your web site. The second video is the one that should change at least once a week, more frequently if possible. There are many good books on this subject; one that is a good starter book is “Get Seen” by Steve Garfield.


Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.

David Ogilvy

Have a great day!

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