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Doing Things Differently is better than Doing Things Better

A broom is a broom, is a broom! You can change the colors, the height, the handle, or the broom width, but it’s still a broom. Many small businesses are doing the same thing as their competitors, but think they are doing them better. In the eye of the marketplace “it’s still a broom”.

Survival and growth in today’s economy necessitates that you do something different with your business.That means finding your customers and creating what they will want tomorrow, before your competitors do. If all your efforts are geared towards become more efficient than your competitors,  your customers will not see that as a meaningful difference and they will then buy based on price and not value.

A small business needs to be a market leader not a market follower. Don’t pattern yourself after a successful competitor. The first one there with a new product or service usually dominates the market place. The “copy cats” become “also-rans” businesses with little or no success.

If you are in the service business, you need to deliver a new experience. Something that would cause your clients to talk about you and to refer others.

Becoming different is not an instantaneous process. As mentioned above, you must first define your customers and than to determine what they want. The next step is to create the new and unique service you will provide. To accomplish this requires you to spend time ” on your business” instead of “spending time in your business”. Research, support from your group and coach is the basis for beginning the change process.

William Danforth, founder and former chairman of the board, Ralston Purina Company, wrote a book “I Dare You”  I highly recommend this small, yet to the point book as a primer to your starting the differentiation process.


Better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing flawlessly.

Robert H Schuller

Have a great day!

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