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Select the right clients

Had an interesting conversation with a small business owner, he was disappointed in the “lack of wealth” that his current clients had. As an owner of a small financial services firm, selling insurance products, annuities, etc, he stated that although he worked long hours he had not been able to attract “high wealth” individuals.

Upon reviewing his marketing process I determined that all his marketing was aimed at the clients he was currently attracting. Since the best way to obtain the clients he really wanted was to meet them and earn their trust, a total revamping of his life style marketing had to happen.

The basic premise we are working on is ” if you want people with wealth, then hang around places where people with money are“.
The marketing process we are implementing is not a short term program, it is being set up as a permanent long term project with results taking at least a year or longer.

The first step was to make a list of where his ideal clients “hang out”. Our initial list included the theater and the opera. ( can you add to this list?) By buying season tickets to one or both of these events, he could be seen before, at intermission, and after the event.

Our second selection was charitable organization. No, he may not be able to get on the board of directors, but he could certainly volunteer to spend time doing some type of work. ( In some cases, the board of directors of a charity are selected because of their ability to raise funds from their friends.)

Social activities other than the theater and opera were  fund raising events such as a Heart Association Ball.

Although this may sound like fun, it is a marketing effort. The marketing is being seen and working with the charities. Cards are not handed out, your work to help others will speak for itself. The long term goal is to make new friends and earn their trust before they will come to you for business.

We looked at the local market and the selections that were made. Next we allocated a budget for the events that cost money. While it was not affordable to join the local country club, a season ticket for the theater and opera were within the budget. Volunteering at a charity will cost time,. and we selected two that the business owner had an interest in.

The small business owner and his wife are both excited about this new marketing effort; both from a potential of future business as well as the  opportunity for them to meet new people.


The real voyage of discovery consists… in seeing with new eyes.

Marcel Proust

Have a great day!

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