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An issue of trust and pride

We read that large corporations are sitting on a lot of cash, as are the bank. If you are a large business you can even borrow money. What about the small business owner, the one with less then 10 employees? A tax cut is not what is needed; what is needed is available venture capital from the banks. A small business man with good credit cannot borrow money unless he has cash in the bank.

There is very little support in the way of education and “how to” for the small business; the  business  is left as a hit and miss proposition..

There is another problem, the small business owner does not know who to trust; who to ask for help. Everything cost money and yes, there are a lot of people and firms looking to take advantage without providing any real benefits.

Let’s face facts; even though the government claims that small business is the backbone of our nation, and that it is doing everything to support them, virtually nothing passes through to the small business owner.

Money is tight with most start-ups and with small businesses. Without knowing who to trust and afraid to spend  funds on obtaining help, pride steps in and the owner says I can do it alone.

Don’t count on anyone to help you in the banking system or your elected officials. Form alliances with other small businesses and support each other. Identify trusted support centers and get rid of your pride. There are good people out there but fear and pride often gets in the way of growth.


Working hard means going all out until you’re all in.

E.C. McKenzie

Have a great day!

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