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Knowledge without self-discipline is a sure way to fail!

Most small business owners know what needs to be done to succeed, problem is, most small business owners won’t do it. The word inertia comes to mind; many people cling to their small business and wait for something good to happen. Perhaps the most frustrating thing in my line of work is finding people with good ideas, good plans and the ability to make something good happen, yet they spend most of their time in a state of vegetation.

It takes constant action to grow a business. Doing something wrong is better than not doing anything at all. We can learn from our mistakes but we can’t learn by hiding within ourselves and hoping.

There is no magic solution outside of yourself. Plans can be developed but the implementation has to have owner participation . I appreciate the comments about how a certain blog could change your business, what I don’t appreciate is you not taking action.

Time management only works if something useful in accomplished in the time slots set aside for certain tasks. Today I spoke to a new business owner who just came back from a three day franchise convention. He shared that he was flying high by the end of the three days, but when he came back to town and walked into his own business, he realized that he had not learned what to do next. This was a “feel good meeting”, all the business owners were revet up, but did not learn how to persevere on their own.

As humans we are meant to live in community, with others, others who can support us and in turn we can support them. One of the strongest recommendation I can make is for you  to lean on your business support group and on your coach/mentor. Don’t let pride get in the way of your asking for and accepting help.


Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie.

William Shakespeare

Have a great day!

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