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Servant Leadership

Let’s develop a definition for Servant Leadership. The Servant-Leader is servant first. It starts with a desire that one wants to serve first. With that as a base aspiration, to lead follows. This is in sharp contrast with the person who is a leader first, perhaps because of a need for power or to acquire material possessions.

A good definition then for servant leadership may be: “One who has followers whom he helps grow in stature, capacity or in some way contributes to building them into more useful and satisfied people.”  One characterized by serving others rather than being served, based on giving, rather than receiving. Changing to become a servant leader can only come with practice. Servant Leadership is a skill that requires capacity, dedication and experience.

This definition should carry  forth in all your activities. It should be foremost in your mind when dealing with clients as well as your staff.
I designed a one page form that I use to set my daily objectives. At the top of the page I list the attributes of Servant Leadership;

  • Integrity-credibility
  • Faith – prayer – humility
  • Listening – learning
  • Responsibility
  • Trust
  • Stewardship
  • Mentor-ship

Under that I list the areas of importance in my life:

  • Family
  • Physical
  • Community
  • Business
  • Financial
  • Spirituality

With these standards in front of my I list the task that I have to accomplish each day. I check them out to make sure that they fall within my guidelines. Next, I prioritize them and then make a note as a result of my efforts for each task. If you would like a copy of my daily worksheet, please e-mail me at


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


Have a great day!

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