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Infiltrating your market

My last blog emphasized the importance of being well knows in your market area. I defined your market area as the area in which most of your clients/customers comes from. The basis for that article, as well as this one, is that you can define a local area from which you draw most of your business.

The first step in this process if to define your target market area. Take a city map and locate your business; next, draw a circle which encompasses a radius of three to ten miles. Within that area, identify the mix of residential and commercial properties. The size of your circle will depend upon the density of commercial and residential properties as well as any natural boundaries that may cause a separation. Once you have defined your target marketing circle, TMC enlarge the area to a readable size where streets can easily be identified. You may have to go to a “KINKOS” or similar printer to give you a large, laminated copy of your TMC. Post this map in a very visible place in your own office.

On your TMC, using an erasable dry marker, identify the following:

  • schools
  • places of worship
  • shopping centers,
  • industrial areas
  • office/business areas
  • recreational areas

As in my case, you may need to have a sub map if you have a high concentration of business in a small area. This will allow you to identify individual stores/offices.

It’s much easier to tackle a hard problem if you have set your parameter ( in this case, boundaries); it still will require your time and effort and your perseverance to become well knows in your TMC. The ideal goal is to have everyone in your TMC know who you are, what you do and how to find you.

The following are several suggestions as to how you can achieve these results; but, please remember, this is an ongoing marketing process which will never be fully completed.

  • Make a few personal calls each day or week and introduce yourself and offer to help. For example, at the bank, ask for the manager and tell him/her that you would like to refer business to their bank and you want to meet the manager before doing so.  The same approach will work with many of the other places you identified on your map. The secret is to send a thank you note after your visit and leave a business card. This now becomes another contact for you to cultivate.
  • Drive your TMC and become familiar with every street; in fact, why not put a sign on your car with your business name so that people can see your firms name as you drive. If your area is small enough, drive it every week.

Your challenge is to set up; this process and start your marketing efforts. Work with your coach/mentor and establish a system to fit within your marketing time parameters.


You’ve got to seize the opportunity if it is presented to you.

Clive Davis

Have a great day!

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