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Don’t Act Rich….Be “Truly” Positive

What really matters to a prospective customer/client? Does the fact that you drive a car with $600 a month or more payment, or that you live in a million dollar house, or that you have the latest and largest flat screen TV  or that you just act rich; do all these things matter when a customer/clients makes a decision in selecting a business?

A good client looking to develop a long term relationship  might notice your “show of wealth” but the final decision will be based on the message you convey by your words and action . During these difficult economic times, many who were basing their business on the impression they made, via a show of wealth, have had to dispose of their toys because they couldn’t afford them. If your own house is not in order, it is hard to get others to follow your lead.

Being “truly” positive means that you offer an honest evaluation of the current situation and then show how, by your action, you can improve your clients/prospects position. Don’t over promise, be honest and then deliver more than was expected. As  small business owners you must believe that they can make a positive difference in their community and that message has to be told to all potential clients.

A clean car, a clean office and a belief that you can make a difference means a lot more than blue sky promises backed by a false show of wealth that may be forcing you into bankruptcy.

Truly positive means that you believe in a better tomorrow and your actions and words echo that belief.


A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment someone sees in it the exciting vision of a cathedral.

Have a great day!

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