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Age is not a Barrier

Several topics for today:

  • People over 65 can still start a second successful business
  • Why won’t people work just for the opportunity to success?

The current economic downturn has not spared anyone. In fact, the younger generation still has time to get wealth healthy again while those near or over the retirement age appear to be in a “I give up” mode. There was an article a few days ago stating that this economic downturn has seen fewer new businesses start than in the previous one. In my opinion one of the main reasons for this statistic is the media. The economy is the top news in all media and it is not limited to just the United States, it is a world wide situation.

With constant bad news in the media, and the feeling of “being old”,  those over 65 are just feeling sorry for themselves instead of using their years of experience to build a new future. Success is primarily a state of mind. If you think you can do it, you can!  The work ethic of our older generation is, in my opinion, much better than what we find in our youth today. Establish a support group, perhaps call it a new business start up group. Write down ideas, draw upon your past experience, make something happen. Please e-mail me at if you want to visit.

The second topic is equally disturbing for me. I meet people who have been unemployed for six month to two or more years. “just haven’t been able to find a job” or, “can’t find a job that pays enough to support me” are the most most common excuses I hear. There is a solution, if these people really want to work, many small business people are looking for help to grow their business but can’t afford the wages for a full time employee. Since many people are not working, why not work with someone and take a chance on helping them grow their business and eventually work yourself into a paying job.

This is not “working for nothing” it’s “working towards something”. If our unemployed workforce had a change of heart and were willing to work towards something, our Nation could come out of this recession and be stronger then ever.


Your thoughts and comments are appreciated on these topics.

Have a great day!

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