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Two Issues … Jobless Recovery …. Real Estate Values

Two issues that speak loudly for starting your own business, or joining forces with another small business and growing together. My view on these two issues is as follows:

Jobless Recovery: The unemployment rate, officially ( as we are told by the government) is around 9.6%. In my opinion, it is much higher, perhaps somewhere between 12 and 15%. There are thousands of people that don’t fit the “pre-cast” mold of an unemployed statistic. Large firms have learned to be more efficient and thus, use less manpower. Global competition is also taking away American jobs. I truly believe that our open border policy ( the fed refusing to enforce illegal immigration) is also adding to our unemployment rate.The jobs that many people had before the (recession) no longer exisit, and changes are that they will never come back.

Any job is better than no job and the unemployed should take whatever is available and look for an opportunity to start a business either part time for full time. I have a  great fear of a continuing increase in the cost of living; just take a look at the “electric car prices” that we are encouraged to buy. Now is the time to plan and to let go of old hopes and chart a new course which you can control. To be successful will require detailed planning and research and quick action.

Real Estate Values: I bring real estate values into this equation because I don’t believe that the lenders are going to work in a positive way to stop the decline in home values. There is a whole new brand of real estate sales people who work on volume by selling short sales and bank owned properties. Their goal is to sell as quickly as possible at the lowest possible price and go on to the next sale. They are commission driven ( can’t blame them if that is what is needed to survive) so keeping up area values is not a consideration.

As values decline so does the equity that many baby boomers counted on as part of their retirement. I see advisers telling people to send the keys to the bank even if they can afford the payment ( if there house is worth less than the loan amount). All this spells future problems for the economy.

My message this evening is to take control of your future, it may be hard, but if it’s going to be it’s up to you.


It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

Have a great day!

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