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What business should I start?

Had a very challenging questions posed to me this afternoon. It was asked by a 58 year old engineer who had been unemployed for approximately 6 months. He has been unable to find another job and has been using his saving to survive. His fear  is that he will run out of savings before he can find a job and will have to start cashing in his retirement.

When sharing his work environment, he has been “sheltered” from the business world and has spent 30 plus years working in his “cubby”.  In other words, he was a good engineer and that was his main focus of work. He had very little management experience other then running a small team of engineers on certain projects. He was not responsible for creating budgets or doing any marketing.

His question, “what do I do now?” In our brief time together I asked his if he had any interest other than the engineering job he lost; his answer, “I haven’t thought about it.” Next asked about hobbies and his only outside interest was working on his home and yard.

I realize that the reason many unemployed people have not searched for other types of employment, or have not started a small business, was a lack of self confidence in  their ability to do something different. With all the money that are government is giving to large businesses, it is not offering any kind of basic re-training for the unemployed. Small business owners don’t need a tax break as much as they need the support and training for building their business. The unemployed and under-employed need education and support ( hand-holding) to get the confidence that they are cable of doing something new.

 I use the following argument when working those that are unemployed or under employed; I invite them to go the a local hospital and look in on the new born babies; I ask them to see if there are any signs on their  beds that say this this one will be a doctor, electrician, CPA, etc. I tell them that they are like those new babies, they have to open their minds, learn what they like to do and then pursue a plan that leads then to that goal. On the positive side, as adults, they have a faster learning curve.

Although my book, How to turn $1 into Thousands was written for the unemployed and underemployed, and it offers a 20 week plan to changing their life, many people cannot function with support and alone they give up.

We can set up classes for the unemployed or underemployed either in a classroom situation in the Phoenix area or we can get a group together and set classes using the internet.



It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.

Zig Ziglar

Have a great day!

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