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Voting alone is not enought

Big day election wise today. A lot of you participated in the election process by actively working for a candidate as well as voting. I believe that small business had a big part in the results we experienced this evening. Most small business owners, that I have visited with,   are unhappy with the current administration and its policies.

High unemployment, lack of loans for small business growth, the fear of more tax increases and a health care program that  few understand, including those that voted for it,  resulted in a desire for new blood in our leadership.

Just because your candidate won, does not mean that you should relax and wait for everything to “come up roses”. In the past we voted in new officials and then went back to our work; this time, we must stay involved and hold the newly elected officials “feet to the fire” and make them perform as they promised.

The core principles  of our country have been shoved aside and it will take years to bring them back. As small business owners we will continue to struggle to grow our businesses and potentially we may be facing more bad news in our economy. I am not sure that inflation will not rear its ugly head and bring a new set of challenges. More taxation at the local and national level are almost unavoidable. We worked hard to get into this mess and will have to work even harder to get out of it.

My message this election day is to ask you stay stay alert; focus on solid business practices and stay as cash rich as you can.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into realty.

Warren Bennis

Have a great day!

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