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Ask a question..then process the answer

There is one questions that every small business owner ( or large business owner, for that matter) should ask: I respect and need your opinion about this issue in my business. Then ask the question; one that I frequently use concerns the effectiveness of my newsletter. I ask them to read it for several months and to give me their thoughts and suggestions. I tell them that I will call , if they don’t mind, to get a report. I recommend the telephone or an in person meeting instead of the internet; the reason being is my ability to ask questions and to answer any questions they may have.

People like to feel needed and for the most part, are very responsive to a request for help. Once they say yes I e-mail them a thank you and then add them to my e-mail newsletter list. Because there is no extra charge for sending a newsletter to different groups, you can remind the recipient that you will be asking for a report. I send two copies of my newsletter, one to my establish clients and the same newsletter, with the added reminder that They are testing this for me and I will call for a report.

The soft ware that generates my e-mail also has a greeting directly to the person who is receiving it, thus making it a more personal contact.

During the review process, your prospective client (remember, everyone you meet is a client, they can buy your product /service or refer someone to you) gets to know more about you and your business. When you contact the newsletter recipient, take a pad and pencil with you and take notes on their comments. It shows that you respect their comments and  will use their input; also you may gather some great ideas on how to improve you communication. The end result is a double win; you learn something to help you grow your business and chances are you will strengthen you relationship with this person.

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