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Story worth mentioning

This morning’s newspaper featured a great story; reading about what you should do is not as good as reading about someone who has done it. The following is a brief outline of the story. Please e-mail me and I will e-mail you a complete copy.

A mother wanted to quit work so she could be home with her new daughter; if she quit her job, the family would still be $400 short of meeting expenses. Her first venture was to start a day care center out of her home.  This brought in the needed income, but was not something that she wanted to do the rest of her life.

She always had a love for candles and decided to see if she could make candles and sell them to her friends and neighbors. With no experience in the art of  making candles, she started experimenting in her kitchen. Many months later, a ruined oven, many ruined pots and pans and much research, she finally created a candle that she liked. She used the mothers who brought their children to her day care as her focus group. When she started experimenting, all her family and friends told her she was ” crazy”.

During her first few years she held parties for her friends and neighbors and then their friends and neighbors. She decide not to go the retail route but to focus on direct sales. Her target sales people were mothers, who like her, wanted to stay home with their children.   Early on, her husband quit his job and together they build a candle company.

Today ( approximately 10 years later) their company employees 250 people and have 25,000 independent demonstrators across the nation. Last year their income was $365,000. The privately held company does $100 million in sales.

They started the Prayer Child foundation which has raised more then 2 million dollars for children who are homeless or have a disability.  They build and own a 220,000 square foot factory.

A true story to inspire all of us when we are down.


Never give up!

Have a great day!

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