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Constant Innovation

As a small business owner it is easy to “get stuck in a rut”. Survival is the name of the game and doing the same thing the same way, seems to be the direction many take. Innovation does not have to be a new product or service, it could be a review of the core issues that each business must accomplish in order to grow.

Staying with the basics, every small business has these three important   components: Customer service, marketing,  and product/service delivery. Let’s look at these three issues:

Customer service: How do you interact with your clients? What is the frequency of your communications? How do you communicate with them? How often do you check on the satisfaction level of your clients?

Marketing: What is your current marketing plan? What is the last time you changed it or added to it? How do you obtain new clients? What is the most successful marketing program you have?

Product/service delivery system: How do you deliver your product/service? Are you personally involved?

These three areas are the core systems in your business. Innovation for growth has to start at this level. Take three poster boards and list one of these components at the top of each board. Next, hang those in a very visible spot for you and your staff can see them. Make it a practice to add at least one new innovation (suggestion) in each of these categories every week.

This “innovating of the go” system is very effective. It does not take a lot of time and everyone can participate. Make if a permanent part of your daily effort.


Wealth comes to those who make things happen not to those who let things happen.

Have a great day!

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