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Seek first to understand

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. (Saint Augustine)

This may, very well, be one of the most important lessons that one can learn in marketing their business. We may be so anxious to tell our story, to sell our serv ice, that we forget to listen to what the customer has to say. When we talk, we can’t listen.

Opening your ears means that you listen to your client (or potential client) with no assumptions; it means listening without making a judgement. We listen so we can see “the world” from their perspective.

The following quote is from a great book,  The Tao of Sales; It is one that I include on a must read book list for all my clients.

“If as salespeople, we don’t blind our clients by who we say we are and what we say we know, they will see better and understand more. If we don’t talk a lot, what we do say will be heard and respected. If we merge our goals with the clients, we will encounter less resistance.”

If you are a small business owner you have to also be a sales person. Marketing takes many different forms
i.e. e-mail, blogs, telephone, in person, etc. Each of these marketing windows must convey a consistent image of how we want to be seen. Always give your prospect a welcoming opportunity to express their needs; this opportunity should be conveyed in all your marketing efforts.


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