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Building Credibility

As a small business owner credibility is an important part of growing your business. Long term credibility is establish through years of excellent customer service, but as a new business you have to take some steps to speed up  the process. The goal is to start building credibility for both yourself as an owner and your business entity.

The following are a few suggestions that will help you build the needed credibility.

  • Join and participate in civic organizations such as your local Chamber of Commerce, a Rotary  or Lions club (there are many others). Notice the work participate; joining an organization without taking an active part in their programs will not help.
  • Partner with a charity and have a special fund raiser with them or donate a part of your profits for a specific promotion or period of time.
  • Kids are important, consider sponsoring a little league team.
  • Volunteer to work with a charity; there are many organizations that need help feeding the hungry, cleaning homes for sick people, etc.
  • Team up with a large establish company on a specific project.
  • Become active and support your place of worship.
  • Get active in your local school activities
  • Give seminars on work related issues.
  • Send out news releases
  • publish an article in a trade journal

While you may not be out handing out business cards, your effort in building up; your credibility is  part of your overall marketing program and you will see the results.


The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

Albert Einstein

Have a great day!

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