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Thanks & Giving

The holiday we celebrate this coming Thursday, Thanksgiving is made up of two works, Thanks and Giving.
We have a lot of reasons to be thankful. First, we are able to work in a business of our choice. We have the ability to grow our business as big as we want, with only ourselves to limit our success.

We live in a Nation that is free; it let’s us worship as we want; we can travel where and when we want. We have many good friends and the best health care system possible. We have young men and women willing to die,  defending our many freedoms, so that we can keep the heritage that our founders gave us. Today, make a list at your business of all the blessings you have received in your business life. Don’t list any problems or any  negative issues.; focus on only the benefits. When you get home, sit with your family and ask each of them to make a list of all the blessings that they have received; tell them that each will have an opportunity to share this list with everyone gathered around the Thanksgiving  table on Thursday.

The second word is giving. Your challenge is to look at your business and determine what you can give to each of your staff and your clients; there is a catch, however, it can’t be anything with monetary value. Yes, if the tradition if your business is to give each of your staff a turkey or pie or…., continue to do so; but, in addition, give them something of yourself.

Next, focus on your family; what can you give of yourself to each of your family members?

Completing these two requests, may be the hardest challenge you have ever experienced during a Thanksgiving week.

For me, the gift of time, or a “I’m sorry”, or a sentence from the heart of appreciation; perhaps a phone call, a letter, an e-mail, or a personal visit…. these are some of my giving tools I work with. You have three days until Thanks-Giving, make a resolution to spread the Thanks and Giving to everyone you know.


Character cannot be purchased, inherited rented, or imported from afar. I must be homegrown.

E.C. McKenzie

Have a blessed day!


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