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To home office or not to home office

To work at home or to work out of an office; that was a client’s issue today.  This client has been ln business for approximately 11 years and has moved back and forth between a home and an executive suite. I asked for a short list of pro’s and con’s for each location.

First, home office pro’s and con’s

  • At home I don’t get motivated
  • I find myself working in “jeans” instead of getting dressed in a business attire.
  • I can’t invite my clients to my office
  • It doesn’t feel as if I am really working
  • Family issues can disrupt my work
  • Saving on rent is a big advantage to working at home’s
  • I have all my material with me in case I have to work late

Now, executive suite pro’s and con’s

  • There are other people working there and there is a lot of energy
  • I have a nice conference room to use when meeting with clients
  • Because I have to work some evenings, it’s hard to know what I need at home
  • I sometimes skip going to the office because I am to lazy to drive so I work at home
  • I take my computer home with me every day and that is a lot of extra work.

Neither list was very long and I did not get a sense of a particular preference from my client. Because the company has been in a growth pattern since its inception, the location did not make a difference as to  the income generated. Since the office is currently in the home, we worked out a set of rules for the next six months and then we will re-evaluate our options. The rules are as follows:

  • Plan a meeting with someone everyday. (business support group, client visit, civic organization, etc)
  • Find a place in the home which will be the permanent office and can be isolated from the rest of the family.
  • Furnish the office so that it looks like and functions like the office at the executive suite.
  • Since the clients are buying knowledge and service, tell them at the initial meeting why you use a home office and how it benefits them. (challenged my client to create a list)

A short and simple solution; one of  the weekly meetings has to be with me at a local coffee shop, our focus will be on growing the business. Ask me in six months how it turned out.


In the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves.

Bernard Baruch

Have a great day!

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