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Never start tomorrow

Had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends. As usual the conversation turned to business and a friend asked when I usually start working on my new year’s resolutions. My reply started another philosophical conversation. I told him that the time to write out a resolution ( defined as something that needed to be done/accomplished) was the day you were going to start working on that resolution.

My comment was made on the basis that very few people ever carry out their New Years Resolutions. They spend hours writing them and that seems to give the writer a sense of accomplishment.

My advice is to identify a need/goal and once it is identified, start working on it right away.  This concept in no way takes away from developing a 2 to 3 year strategic focus plan for your business. Such a plan is useless if, once completed, is filed away instead of implemented right away.

Individual resolutions usually take the form of identifying  an action plan that would benefit the person making the resolution. If, for example, you resolve to start exercising once the Holiday Season is over, changes are you will never begin. The day that you feel the need to make a change ( resolve to do something) is the day you should implement that resolution . In the case of exercising , begin today.

Stop making New Year’s resolutions; when you feel that something  needs to be accomplished, begin working on it that day. You will find that you will get a lot more done and feel much more satisfied and renewed because of your quick action.


A meaningful like is a matter of what you do and why you do it….

Have a great day!

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