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Our business world is changing; while I still believe that an old fashion person to person contact is the best way to grow your business, one still has to know what tools can help achieve those goals. The following is my wish list for a small business in the way of tech tools and toys.

  • Smart phone: While most cell phones can handle calls, a smart phone helps you keep in touch with your office, your e-mails, and you can download client information as needed. Also, with the growth of social media in the business world, you can also stay in touch. 
  • Combination printer, scanner and fax machine:  color copies, wireless connection to your computer, printing photos directly from your digital camera’s memory card, are but a few of the features this handy tool offers.
  • GPS navigation technology: Meeting clients, delivering items, traveling in and out of town, this saves time and peace of mind.
  • Car office system: If you are on the go this useful system helps you stay organized.
  • Laptop computer: New generation laptops have full-blown computing power. Make sure you can handle all your business needs  on your computer. This is, in my opinion , one of the most important tech support systems all small business owners have to have. Keep up with the newest laptops.
  • IPAD: Don’t like endorsing a single product, but the new IPAD fills the gap between laptops and portable media readers and with a cavalcade of applications, it can be used for number crunching and presentations.
  • Bluetooth headset: One of the least expensive tech tools, but I still see many small business owners driving and talking on their phones without this tools. It helps keep in touch, safely.
  • Laptop friendly briefcase: With wireless access to the internet and the importance of having you computer with you, get a good briefcase that allows you to carry necessary papers and your computer. It’s handy to have with you even if you don’t have to use it all the time. For most small business operations, the computer is the center of their business.
  • High quality digital camera and a high definition video camera: these two items are now essential to a growing business. The ability to add video to your web page, your blog and social media pages is essential. 
  • Apps designed for your business: With thousands of apps available, there are many that will pertain to your type of business. They are necessary and usually not very expensive. Do your research in this area.

Yes, there are many more high tech tools and toys but these, in my opinion, are the basic essentials that every small business owner should strive to obtain, update when necessary  and use.

Smart business owners know that they do the things they need to do when they need to do them so someday they can do the things they want to do when the want to do them.

Have a great day!

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