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On Being Prepared

Not just small business owners, but all business operations should be prepared for an unexpected client to walk in the door, or to be encountered at a social function or ??????

Another way to look at this is as follows: If you are expecting company this Christmas Season what will you do to get ready for their arrival? You may clean your home, cook a delicious meals, be dressed in your best outfit and be ready to give them a warm greeting when they walk in the door.

Do you ignore the door bell if you are not expecting anyone and a someone who you haven’t seen in  a long time arrives at your door? Do you scurry around the house and shove papers, clothes, etc in closets before opening the door?

How many times in your professional life have you found yourself without a business card, or a pad and pencil, or a company brochure?

Always be prepared to greet a client or to meet a new client, anywhere, anytime. Make a list of what you have to have to properly greet a potential client; what tools do you need? How will you carry these items with you? The same goes for you office, be it in a rented space or your home office. Always be prepared for a client to walk in.

This being prepared is the foundation of your business growth. It may seem like a small item, but without it you may miss the “boat”.


I will study and get ready and the opportunity will come.

Abraham Lincoln

Have a great day!

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