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Miracles happen slowly

Instant gratification seldom happens in the business world. Building a business is a process of establishing roots and nurturing them; frequent feedings and cultivating is required for growth.

Unfortunately, some small businesses are started in the hopes of obtaining a profit by the end of the first  week. Seminars are attended and books are read with the hope that at the end of the seminar or when the book is finished, profits will start pouring in.

Building a business is similar to this story I heard long ago:

A farmer wanted to grow corn in a field that was dense with tall trees. His first job was to cut down the trees and then dig out all the roots. Next, the field had to be plowed and the many rocks present had to be hauled out. Once the plowing was finished a small kernel of corn was planted in hundreds of mounts. Next came the addition of fertilizer, water,  and then the constant weeding. A small green shoot finally appeared in each of the mounds and still the weeding, fertilizing and watering had to be continued. Several months later the corn grew tall and it was time to harvest and enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Building a business follows the same strategy. Clearing the field is the same as building the proper foundation for the business. Feeding the newly planted corn is the marketing that has to be done on behalf of the business. Just as the corn grew so will your business but constant vigilance and patience   is required before your business will feed you.


The race is not always won by the fastest runner but sometimes by those who just keep running.

Have a great day!

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