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This morning I was listening to my favorite morning talk show; a caller called in with a story I have to share. He lost his six figure job some time ago and has not been able to find suitable employment. At this point he was looking for any king of a job with any kind off pay. He stated that he has sent as many as 35 applications to one  fast food restaurant  as well as countless of other businesses, all with no luck.

His master degree was a hindrance; no one wanted to hire him because he was over qualified. On the radio, his attitude was not the best, at least by the sound of his voice. The caller went on to say that no lender would lend him money to start a new business.

The talk show host said that there had to be more than his over qualification for not being hired ( I have an engineer friend that was laid off and he god a job at minimum wage in a warehouse). He also stated that there were many business that could be started with little or no money. He mentioned a few and that got me to start a list of businesses that could be started with little or no money. Of course, one has to work to get paid, but the opportunity is there.

Here is my partial list, please e-mail me your  ideas and I will send them out in a future blog:
lawn care, consulting, pool service, painting, handyman, delivery, house cleaning, advertise for others on your car, write a newsletter and charge a subscription fee, sell a product or service on commission.

If I knew the caller I would send him a free copy of my book “Turn $1.00 into Thousands”. It sells on amazon for 14.95 plus shipping or you can buy it directly from me and avoid shipping charge.

If you know of someone that is unemployed, buy a coy of the book, it may mean the start of something wonderful.


Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new.

Og Mandino

Have a great day!

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