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The value of a Christmas Card

I received a “season greetings” ( not a Christmas) card from my insurance agent. It was pre-printed with his company name but not signed. With a $.44 postage stamp and at least a $.50 cost for the card, I would say he spent at least $1.00 per card. It went directly into my round disposal box ( trash can).

I got to thinking about what value this card had for me; I would have rather received a personal telephone call, or a personal e-mail from my agent. For me, Christmas is a time to share memories and to tell others you are thinking about them, not a time to market your business; in fact, the same  should apply to family and friends.

e-mail is free and most local and long distant call are also free. I wold much rather spend a few minutes on the telephone with a relative or friend than to receive another Christmas card.

Most cards received from a business are usually sent to remind one that the business is still  “in business”. It might not be a request for additional business, but we call all read between the lines.

Monthly e-newsletters with valuable information do the marketing. On special occasion such as a birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas., a personal telephone call is the best.

In a small business where every dollar is “precious” make sure that when you spend that dollar,  it is used to generate more business. Make a list of how you can best spend the dollars you devote to Christmas cards, even if it is used to help a needy family.


It is your attitude, not your aptitude, that determines your altitude.

Zig Zigler

Have a great day!

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