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On Giving Advice

More and more is expected of the small business owner; one aspect is that of giving advice to a client. When a person wants to purchse something from you, in many cases, they will ask you for help in and guidance in reaching their decision.

Whenever you give someone advice you face a  danger of taking on additional liability if the advice turns out to harm the client. A strong sales “pitch” may be interpreted as giving advice and in today’s “law suit” happy environment, a client can turn against you. Unfortunately there are many attorneys looking for an opportunity to represent a client, even if the case is weak.; they may just want to scare you into a settlement.

In order to grow a business, you will be faced with many clients who are seeking your expertise and relying on it to purchase a product or service.

The solution is to transfer the decision to purchase to the client, this is best done by an educational process.

First, become very knowledgeable about your service or product. Document your research with copies of articles put forth by the service or product provider that you represent. Read and make copies of articles in trade publications that relate to your business. Newspapers may carry articles relating to your product or service, make sure that you make copies of them.

Next, compile your information and summarize it in a few pages. This becomes a tool to help educate your client. When giving this infomration to a prospect or client, alsways document your sources. Your job is to educate them so that they make an informed decision.

I encourage you to develop your own “client education process” and be consist with its use and always keep it up to date. Doing this will give you more confidence and make your client have more trust in your abilities.


Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.


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