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Give a gift with meaning….

It’s that time of the year again; I just received my second “live” Christmas wreath this afternoon. Giving a special, meaningful  gift to a good client is usually a good idea. The two wreaths I received will be given away as my wife has already put her own touches on our doors.

Let’s identify what a gift to a client represents:

  • It should be meaningful to the client
  • It should last longer than a few weeks
  • It should be something that required a lot of thought, effort and not just dollars to create or purchase

On your part, as the gift giver, the gift should represent something special to the client, and it should be something that you did not create a day before sending. Let me share a few ideas; these may change with the type of business you provide, but you will get the general idea.

  • Start planning your client gifts in January and add to the list as new clients (deserving of a gift) come on board.
  • If your client is active in the community and has been featured in local magazines and newspapers, then a bound copy of these articles make a special gift.
  • If your client becomes a friend and you see their family, keep a camera handy and once a year present a picture album of  special memories. Lot’s of software on the internet to accomplish a very professional looking album.
  • Several nights at a local hotel for your client and their family will be remembered.
  • If you have a vacation home, give them a week or weekend, alone.
  • If your client is an avid reader, and the cost is warranted, give an e-reader. 
  • A magazine subscription or a subscription to a monthly wine is another possibility.

The objective is to give something that your client will remember throughout the year. If you start planning now, by next Christmas you will have come up with several ideas for each of your special clients.


By systematically improving one behavior at a time you can dramatically improve your overall lifestyle.

Have a great day!

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